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Fractions used in sports are most typically found in decimalized form. This allows for comparisons between similar statistics which if expressed in the common form (a/b), would require denominator conversion that would make quick comparisons difficult. 

Below is an edited statistics page of a Golden State Warrior mid-season roster. The calculations that can be made from the following information include;

1. Field Goal percentage

2. Three-point shot percentage

3. Free Throw percentage

For those situations where answer larger than 1.0 is sort the following calculations can be done

1. Assists to Turnovers ratio/percentage

2. Turnovers to Steals ratio/percentage

The number of math problems that can be generated is extensive and can be used to generate as many as the program could require. If focus is needed on the traditional fraction form, then additional emphasis can be given to having students memorize the equivalent percentage form of fractions  ½,1/3,1/4…1/12 (50%, 33.3%, 25%...0.83%).

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