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The program budget is based on two options.  The least costly option is to base the project at a high school campus. In this situation, a number of project cost components can be picked-up in the school budget. If this is not available the next option is to base the project at a community recreation. This would incur additional costs.


  • 60 minute access to a classroom per session (not charged to program budget).

  • 2 hour access to the gym per session (1-3 times per week). 90 minutes of activity and 30 minutes for locker room (not charged to program budget)



   •   Math Tutor/Text Grader - 15 hours /week - $20.00/hr. – 11 weeks                            $3,300

   •   Program Assistant - 15 hours/week - $20.00/hr. -12 weeks                                       $3,600

   •   Basketball-Weight Training Coach -15 hours/week - $20.00/hr. -11 weeks               $3,300                             




   •   Photocopying for problem sets and tests.                                                                   $700

   •   Office supplies (paper, pencils, etc.)                                                                           $300

   •   Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger, Vertical Jump Trainer                                          $400

  •  Insurance                                                                                                                    $500

   •   Box/paper bag lunches, ($10 lunch, 40 participants 33 sessions)                              $13,200

                                                                                                                    Total Cost       $25,300



  • Classroom ($50/hr. x 33 sessions)                                                                              $1,650

  • Gymnasium ($100/hr. x 2hrs per session x 33 sessions)                                            $6,600

                                                                                                                    Total Cost       $33,550

Funds will be deposited in either the name of the high school or the community recreation center. Should the high school be the repository of the funds, then all monies will be handled in the manner consistent with any and all guidelines established for such activities by the State of California. If the recreation center alternative is established option, then the same procedure will be followed.

If an independent 501(c) must be established, then accounting and tax preparation must be handled with-in the existing rules for such activities. To date, a 501(c) has not been established.

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