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  1. If a basketball team scores 24 points in the first quarter, 36 points in the second quarter, and 18 points in the third quarter, after three quarters, what is their total score?

  2. A basketball player made 9 out of 12 free throw attempts. What percentage of free throws did the player make?

  3. If a basketball team has won 30 games and lost 20 games, what is their winning percentage?

  4. A basketball court is 50 feet wide and 94 feet long. What is the area of the court in square feet?

  5. If a basketball team has 5 players on the court and they need to substitute 2 players, how many players will be left on the court?

  6. If a basketball player takes 10 shots and makes 4 of them, what is their shooting percentage?

  7. A basketball team has 14 players and needs to divide them into 2 equal groups. How many players will be in each group?

  8. If a basketball player runs 5 miles during a game, how many kilometers (1 km ~ 0.62 miles) did they run? Note: round to the nearest kilometer.

  9. If a basketball team has 10 home games and 8 away games, what percentage of their games are played at home?

  10. A basketball team needs to score at least 80 points to win. If they have 62 points with 5 minutes left in the game, how many points do they need to score per minute to win

  11. If a basketball player has an average of 20 points per game after playing 15 games, how many total points have they scored?

  1. If a player has a usage rate of 25% and takes 20 shots in a game, how many possessions did that team have?

  2. If a player makes 50% of their 2-point shots and 40% of their 3-point shots, what is their effective field goal percentage?

  3. If a team has a turnover rate of 15% and uses 80 possessions in a game, how many turnovers did they commit?

  4. If a player has an offensive rating of 115 and a defensive rating of 100, what is their net rating?

  5. If a team makes 40% of their field goals and 80% of their free throws, what is their true shooting percentage?

  6. If a team has an offensive rebounding rate of 30% and a defensive rebounding rate of 70%, what is their total rebounding rate?

  7. If a player has a plus-minus statistic of +12 in a game, and they played for 25 minutes, what was their plus-minus per 48 minutes?

  8. If a team has a total plus-minus of -18 over the course of a 4-game series, and they lost each game by the same amount, what was the average margin of defeat per game?

  9. If a player has a plus-minus statistic of -5 in the first half of a game, and a plus-minus of +8 in the second half, what was their total plus-minus for the game?

  10. If a team scores 110 points in a game and has an offensive efficiency rating of 120, how many possessions did they use in the game?

  1. A basketball player has a field goal percentage of 55% and a 3-point percentage of 40%. If the player attempts 20 field goals and 10 3-pointers, how many total points did the player score? 
    A player's efficiency rating can be calculated by dividing the efficiency rating by the number of minutes played.

  2. A basketball player has an efficiency rating of 28.5. If the player played 35 minutes in a game, what was their efficiency rating per minute?
    A team's offensive efficiency rating is calculated by dividing the number of points scored by the number of possessions and multiplying by 100.

  3. A basketball team had 80 possessions in a game and scored 100 points. What was their offensive efficiency rating for the game?

  4. A basketball player has a player efficiency rating (PER) of 25.5. If the league average PER is 15, how much better is the player than the average player?
    Defensive Rating is essentially the number of points a team gives up if he were guarding the ball for 100 possessions. So that means the LOWER the number the better it is.

  5. A basketball team has a defensive rating of 100. If the league average defensive rating is 105, how much better is the team than the league average?

  6. A player made 45 field goals out of 80 attempts. What is their field goal percentage?
    Answer: 56.25%.
    Offensive Rating is calculated by dividing the total points scored by the total number of possessions and then by multiplying by 100

  7. A team scored a total of 120 points in a game that lasted 80 possessions. What is their offensive rating?

  8. A player had 8 assists and 2 turnovers in a game. What is their assist-to-turnover ratio?

  9. In a game, the team grabbed 12 offensive rebounds and 25 defensive rebounds. How many total rebounds did they get?
    Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) takes into account the added value of three-pointers. It is calculated as (Field Goals Made + (0.5 * Three-Pointers Made)) / Field Goal Attempts.

  10. If a team made 30 two-pointers and 10 three-pointers in a game. If they attempted 50 two- pointers and 20 three-pointers, what is their eFG%?

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