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Public Universities & Public Prisons

June 11, 1963 - Then Governor of Alabama, George Wallace “standing in the school house door” confronting then US Attorney General, Nicholas Katzenbach in attempt to deny admittance to African-Americans, Vivian Malone and James Hood.

Given that African-American students generally have lower levels of achievement than their non-black counterparts and rightly or wrongly, a reputation for higher levels of interpersonal violence, what do they bring to an integrated educational setting…

2017 – Is the University of Alabama a football team with a university attached or is it a university with a football team?*

An “eyeball measure” of the above picture yields 64 of the 99 members (red shirts only), of the 2016-2017 University of Alabama as probably being African-Americans.

Assuming that each of the 64 is on a “full-ride” ($42,000) this yields an annual cost to the institution of $2.7 million in foregone tuition fees and legal support payments. 

University of Alabama 2015-2016 fiscal year

Tuition & Fees – 692 million

Tuition & Fees net of scholarships – 476 million

Total Revenue – 818 million



In 2015 the University of Alabama its 4th national college football title in 7 years, but he also helped subsidize the entire Crimson Tide athletics department by generated $95,132,301 in revenue, the most ever by any single team in the history of college sports. According to The Tuscaloosa News, Alabama's football program made a profit of nearly $46,491,330 during the Tide's 2015 championship season.





*Note: The University of Alabama’s total revenue stream is 7-8 times that of its football team. On that basis they are a university with a football team.

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