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Sacramento Charter High

Sacramento high school has a “strong record of graduating more college-eligible

African American male students than all other high schools in the district.”          

- Dominique Amis, chief operating officer for St. Hope

Sacramento Charter High School was established through the efforts of former NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson who served as Mayor of Sacramento from 2008-2016.

In 1989, while still an NBA player, Johnson founded St. HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) as an after-school program for kids in Sacramento, California. St. HOPE eventually expanded to run as a nonprofit umbrella organization that consisted of three divisions: St. HOPE Academy, St. HOPE Public Schools, and St. HOPE Development Corporation.

One of the schools St. HOPE impacted was Sacramento High School (Sac High) now the Sacramento Charter High School.

In October 2002, Sac High was at risk of being shut down and restructured due to low test scores. But by January 2003, Johnson had raised seed money from the Gates Foundation and drafted a petition to reopened Sac High as an independent charter school. By 2010 Sac High's California standard Academic Performance Index score improved to 719, compared to 610 in 2006. The number of students who completed all courses required for University of California or California State University. College admissions also rose between those years from 84% to 90.6%.


2019 Rankings

(U.S. News & World Report)

Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

  • National - 3,827 of  ranked 12,395

  • California High Schools - 554 of ranked 1,579

  • Sacramento Unified School District - 3 of ranked 15

  • Charter High Schools - 422 of ranked 972


Sacramento Charter High         


  • Mathematics Proficiency - 23%

  • Reading Proficiency - 65%

  • College Readiness Index 19.9/100


Sacramento District (15 Schools)

  • Mathematics Proficiency - 26%

  • Proficient in Reading - 58%

  • College Readiness Index 19.4/100


Sacramento Charter High ranked nationally out of the 17,245 schools.


  • College Readiness Index - 6,273 of 17,245

  • College Curriculum Breadth Index - 5,712 of 17,245

  • Math & Reading Proficiency - 8,437 of 17,245

  • Math & Reading Performance - 1,247 of 17,245

  • Graduation Rate Rank - 5,161 of 17,245









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