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The teams & the league

Professional basketball was not always a top dollar entertainment draw…”Can you imagine, Kareem, and Magic, and Julius and we’re still second class citizens.”–former NBA great Maurice Lucas (circa 1980) quoted in “The Breaks of the Game” David Halberstam, p.338.


It took a great deal of astute marketing in conjunction with the growth of multi-market television coverage to make the NBA the revenue generator that it is today. Among those team owners who enjoy the benefit of increasing riches is Jerry Reinsdorf of the Chicago Bulls.

One of the ways in which Mr. Reinsdorf has given back to the Chicago community was by establishing Chicago Bulls College Prep in 2009.

More than seven years on, the school is highly successful with 100% of its graduates gaining college admission. This achievement has been recognized at the national level.


A long-term goal for the Math-Dunk project to serve as a precursor for each NBA franchise to establish their own college prep school.

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