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Basic algebra word problems can be reset into a basketball milieu by the addition of basketball player’s names and typical consumer brand names. When using this type of “real world” example, one must be careful to use those aspects of reality to close to that player’s statistics and or the current prices and attributes of products that the participants are familiar with.


Example 1:  Tariq spent $110 for some Air Nikes™ that were on sale.  This was $14 less than twice what he spent for a Warriors jersey.  How much was the Warriors jersey?

Let X be the price of the jersey.

$110-$14 = 2X

$96 = 2X

X= $48 = price of the jersey


Example 2:   There were 7 three-points shots score by Steph during the game. This is three more than four times the number of two point shots he scored.  How many two point shots did he score?

Let X equal the number of two point shots

4X = 7-3

X = 1


Example 3:  The Warriors scored 104 points during the game. They scored 12 more points in the second-half than it did in the first half.  How many points did they score in each half?

Team score = 104 = X+X=12

First half points   = 46

Second Half Points = 60


Example 4:  The Warriors and the Spurs scored a combined total of 37 points in the first quarter. The Warriors were ahead by a point at the end of the quarter. What was each team’s score?

X+(X+1) = 37

X = 18 (The Spurs)

X+1 = 19 (The Warriors)

Example 5:  Steph Curry scored 10 more points than Klay Thompson in the second quarter. One number is 10 more than another.  The sum of twice Klay’s score plus three times Steph’s score is 55 points.  How many points did Klay score? How many points did Steph score?

 Let X be the number of points scored by Klay.

2X + 3(X + 10) = 55

5X +30 = 55

5X = 25

X= 5

Klay scored 5 points and Steph scored 15 points.

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